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In tennis, all games start with love.

Grace Yamashita found early success on the women’s junior tennis circuit. However, making the jump into the next level hasn’t gone nearly as smoothly. Frustrated by her inability to close out yet another match, her coach dumps her.

Just as Grace begins to contemplate whether she should keep playing or retire, one of the world’s top coaches approaches her with a proposition she can’t refuse.

Moving to London, Grace becomes training partners with some of the top men’s talent, including the handsome, witty, Swiss protégé Raoul Fabre.

As Grace refines her tennis skills, she finds her attraction to Raoul also growing. She’s never been closer to that Grand Slam title. Yet like a rapid cross court rally, she will have to make a tactical decision. Should listen to her head and focus on tennis, or to her heart?

This sweet-romance novella is a companion story to “More Than a Passing Shot,” but is written as a stand alone novella.

This novella is available as an eBook and a paperback book. You can pick up your copy here:

The Mysterious Mr. Marcellus

After four unsuccessful Seasons in London, Helen Davenport is aware that she is out of time. Her father cannot afford another Season. With a meager dowry and few connections, what gentlemen would have her? At the age of three and twenty, she might as well consider herself a spinster. 

Yet, Helen’s father, Mr. Davenport refuses to give in so easily. After finding a way to raise the funds, Helen soon finds herself in London for one final Season.

When an accident during a morning walk through Hyde Park literally puts her into the path of a gentleman named Mr. Marcellus, Helen learns that there are some circumstances that lie beyond her control. Afterall, the Ton of London lives for vile gossip.

With her reputation called into question, Mr. Marcellus promises Helen he will do his duty as a gentleman and marry her. Except there is one problem…no one in town has ever heard of her rescuer. Just who is the mysterious Mr. Marcellus?

This novella is available here:

Pointe Shoes and Sugar Plums

Jenna has spent her entire life chasing a dream – to become a professional ballet dancer. Now, as she finishes her third year of study at the Royal Ballet’s Upper School, she’s closer than ever to making it come true.

With the holidays and the busy Nutcracker season quickly approaching, Jenna is vying for one of the coveted apprenticeships with the Royal Ballet company, but she’s also struggling to understand the curious behavior of her friend and frequent pas de deux partner Jeremy.

Will her mentor Clara, the Duchess of Leeds, be able to help her unlock the mystery of Jeremy?

Find out what this holiday season holds for Jenna.

This sweet-romance, set against the backdrop of the Nutcracker ballet, is a companion short story to “Dancing With a Royal” but can be read as a standalone novella.

This novella is available here:

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