Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Hello March

Dear Readers,

Long time no update. I’m sorry! I promise this isn’t intentional. I’ve just been scrambling for time.

I’d intended to write a blog post 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with some carpal tunnel in my wrist and a bond bruise on my elbow. I’ve been limited to 1 arm the past few weeks and it’s been miserable.

As such, I’ve been focusing on my day job and my schooling. I’ve been digging through archives and working on writing a draft chapter of my dissertation….and well academic writing isn’t nearly as much run as romcom writing.

The Sloth Zone was officially sent out to my review team about 2 weeks ago. So far, the feedback has bee positive, and I’m really excited for everyone to meet Gemma and Tim. Their story is a bit different form the typical stories I’ve written. It will release soon. Stay tuned.

I’ve also been playing around with my first person POV story. I’m about 30K words into it and I’m happy with the direction the draft is taking. I’ve had to mentally adjust to how I think as I write. It’s been a fun challenge and i can’t wait to see how its received.

Lastly, More Than a Passing Shot has received a beautiful new cover. If you haven’t already checked it out, make sure you do so soon! It’s up on Amazon and will soon be available on other platforms.

Hope you have a good rest of your month!


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