Monday, March 04, 2024

Weekly Update

Dear Readers,

Happy Saturday to you. This week has been wet to say the least. How are all of you doing?

This week, I’ve continued to work on making some revisions to the new edition of “The Great Austen Adventure.” I’ve also been busily writing my upcoming short story, that has turned into a companion piece to “More Than a Passing Shot.”

I’ve been enjoying revisiting the world of the Unexpected Royals so very much. There are so many characters that have come to life over the last few years. I may craft one more story to go with this tennis short. But the question remains…would we rather see Princess Alice, or Clarissa’s partner-in-crime, Sonya?

I would like to write a short story for each character, but I haven’t found the right inspiration for them yet. Maybe one of them will speak to me in the coming weeks.

Looking ahead, this week, I plan to wrap up the first draft of the tennis short and make a decision on what the remaining release schedule will look like.

Look for the blurb of “For the Love of Dinosaurs” to come out this week too.



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