Sunday, April 21, 2024

Finalizing the First Draft

Dear Readers,

Happy Friday. Sorry for the late update. Time seems, once again, to have slipped away from me amid another chaotic week.

I’ve had limited time this week to work on Nora’s story, but I’m happy to report the initial draft has been completed. Now, I’m working on re-reading it and adding in a few scenes I thought would enhance the story.

I’m going to hope to try and have it finished this next week before I start work on my next project. I don’t have a title planned yet, but it’s going to be about a tennis themed sports romance short story. Yes, Alex Georgiou will make a return : ) I have the plot planned out and it should come along pretty quickly.

I’ve been inspired in recent days by Break Point on Netflix and the Australian Open. Is anyone else shocked by the amount of upsets so far?

Hope you’re doing well and I wish a happy Lunar New Year to those of you who celebrate it!



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