Sunday, April 21, 2024

Happy Friday

Dear Readers,

Wishing you all a happy Friday. I’m ready for the weekend. How about you?

This week has been very busy indeed. I’ve started school again and no joke, reading has taken up 8 hours of my day every day. I haven’t yet figured out a good balance to it yet, but rest assured I will soon.

During my lunch and dinner breaks, I have been able to squeeze in some writing. Nora’s first draft is nearly complete.

I have about one more chapter I’d like to write and a few scenes into the middle that I think would really add to her tale. It’s sitting at 60,000 words, but I predict it will be closer to 70,000 by the time I finish it.

I have a first round of edits booked for next month. We are most definitely on track. I’ll be reaching out to my cover designer next month too. I always wait until the first round of edits have been complete in case I come up with a better name for the story : )

In other news, “Dancing With a Royal” is free through Monday on Amazon. If you don’t already own a copy, please feel free to swing by and pick yours up today.

Until next week,


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